Why Join our Young Professionals Board?

The CMOCC Young Professionals Board serves as a valuable assets to our organization that wants us gain a more diverse perspective and expand our reach to younger audiences in the community.  

CMOCC Young Professionals Board Responsibilities within our organization:

Serves as ambassadors for the organization and network to streamline organizational growth

Recruit and engage young volunteers and donors

Introduce new technology that can streamline the organization’s processes

Support social media marketing efforts and campaigns

Advise the working board on strategic decisions 

Promoting the organization

Recruit young professionals to join our team

Welcome your new members to CMOCC

We are looking for you!

To be considered for the Youth Professionals Board, youth members should be:

Candidates can apply as individuals or as youth-led organisations. Applications of youth networks and youth organisations are preferred. If selected, youth organizations will be admitted to the Youth Professionals Board with the understanding that up to two persons representing the organization can participate in CMOCC activities. 

Express your interest

To become a Youth Professionals Board Member, you should submit an online expression of interest responding to the following questions:

Expressions of interest can be submitted as: 1. A written submission (max 700 words) OR  2. a short video (max. five-minutes) posted on YouTube or another video platform with the video link attached to the online application.

To submit your interest click here.